Australian Slang

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Australian Slang

Australia is a very big country, but there are only small regional variations in slang. Differences are mainly noticeable state by state. For example, slang in New South Wales is quite similar to, but not exactly the same as, slang in Queensland.


Here are some of the more common expressions you may encounter if you talk with Australians or visit Australia.

Expression Meaning
arvo afternoon
bludger person who avoids working
chook chicken
dunny lavatory / toilet / WC / restroom
esky portable icebox
fair dinkum true / genuine
g'day good day
hoon young male who likes to drive dangerously
in like Flynn on a sure thing
jumbuck sheep
Kiwi New Zealander
larrikin young, mischievous but charismatic man
mozzie mosquito
no worries that's fine / OK / no problem
oldies parents
pot 285ml glass of beer (Queensland and Victoria only)
root sexual intercourse
stubby 375ml bottle of beer
togs swimming costume
ute utility or pick-up truck
vee-dub Volkswagen
wharfie dockside worker or stevedore
yobbo loud, obnoxious person lacking in social skills