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Coach Others

According to research managers spend less than 10% of their time on coaching others, even though coaching has been identified in most organizations as a critical success factor. Working on strengthening your coaching abilities can help you to stand out and advance the business and your career. Here are some tips to to help you bet a better coach,

  • Get to know the person. It is much easier to coach someone who you know and who trusts you. Take the time to build the relationship with the person. Get to know them, their ambitions and objectives.
  • Help them to learn about themselves. Work with them to identify assessment tools that can help provide them with insight into themselves. These can be company sponsored tools or freely available internet based tools. Anything you can do to help give them insight, will be useful. We would recommend tools like the DISC Personality Assessment or the more in-depth Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory as starting points.
  • Talk with them. Most of coaching is just sitting down, taking the time, and listening. Most people do not have anyone to just talk to about their jobs and what they are thinking. Just being there for the person is often greatly appreciated. Support them where you can and help them work through challenges themselves. Remember, you are not there to solve their problems, but to help them to solve their own problems.
  • Be honest. It is very important that you be honest with the person you coach. Too often people are afraid to give critical feedback. But it is this critical feedback that is often needed to get the person back on the right track. So long as you give the feedback with sincerity and demonstrate that you are only interested in helping, it will be appreciated and just might be the catalyst needed to taking the person to the next level.
  • Get results. Coaching is not only about meeting with people and having a nice cup of coffee, it is about driving results. Focus the person on creating specific goals and a realistic timeline for achieving them. Create milestones and track their progress. Keep these five things in mind and you will be on your way to being a successful coach.


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