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One of the most powerful features of WorkOnIT is the ability to make your own goals and create, collect, and share, your own coaching advice.

How to get started

It is easiest to add your custom goal content from your PC or MAC (although it is possible also to do it with your smartphone or tablet).

  1. From your computer, go to http://wikicoach2.coachbyapp.com
  2. Create an account (In order to get an account to create pages in the WikiCoach, please send an account request to support@coachbyapp.com - we will get back with you within 24 hours with your account details)
  3. Login and type in the Search box the content you would like to create
  4. If nothing is found, you can create it by following the instructions on the page (see a video tutorial for help)
  5. Once created, you can easily add it in WorkOnIT

How to see your content in WorkOnIT

  1. Add the "Create My Own" goal
  2. Give it the name of the page you created in WikiCoach (it must be exactly the same name)
  3. Save it
  4. Go back to the Home Screen and open your newly created goal
  5. Tap Coaching and you will see your content
  6. Invite your friends to add the same goal, add their content to your Wiki page, and share the knowledge!