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WorkOnIT is a new tool for developing people. It is not like anything maybe you have seen before in its approach. It was developed out of more than 10 years of developing people in organizations through experiential learning and coaching.

How you should use it

  • WorkOnIT is centered around creating and tracking personal goals.
  • A goal can be anything that you would like to develop in yourself. It can be related to your personal development, or your business development.
  • The key is to choose goals that are important to you, and that you wish to make progress towards on a regular basis.
  • Our app works best when you apply S.M.A.R.T. goal principles to creating a goal - Specific - Measurable - Attainable - Relevant - Time Bound
  • Be careful to choose developmental goals - WorkOnIT is not meant to be a task reminder system, but a system for helping you to reach developmental goals - For help defining proper goals take a look at some examples here.
  • Use the comments to keep a journal of your progress towards your goals. WorkOnIT encourages you to do things on a regular basis (even daily for some goals). One way to evaluate how well you are progressing towards a goal, is to keep a record of what you did by tapping the "DidIT" button, then by making a comment on what you did and what was the result. See the benefits of keeping a journal.

Get Help From Others

  • One of the most powerful features of WorkOnIT is the ability to connect people to your goal. By inviting people to follow along with your goal, you can get advice and ask for help.
  • WorkOnIT is specifically built for working with coaches and mentors who can guide and help you along the way to achieving your goal.
  • We make it easy to know when there is new comments and information through push messaging. Nothing to open and nothing to check, just wait for your phone to let you know there is something new.

Not all Goals Need to be Public

  • WorkOnIT puts you in control of your goals at all times. You choose who has access to see a goal you are working on.
  • Some goals are certainly better as private goals, or ones shared only with trusted friends. You have the choice and are always in control.

Use Our Coaching Advice

  • We have over 100 ready made goals for you in our system, many with advice on how to get started and some even with daily updated content! If you are struggling to get started, choose one of our pre-made goals as a starting point.
  • You have a goal that is unique, and you want to make your own coaching advice or ask friends and colleagues to help you! You can do this with WorkOnIT. Our WikiCoach system (the one you are using to read this) is open to everyone. Read our help section on how to make your own content here and connect it with your custom goal.
  • Snack Learning (see our info graph) is an important part of WorkOnIT. Snack Learning, through getting advice from our WikiCoach system, and asking for help from people your trust, is an powerful tool to develop people, and support their learning on a day to day basis.

Get our App Guide

  • We have a complete guide to using the app with feature by feature help. Download it and use it when you have questions about how to do something.


  • Having problems with the app or need help? See our troubleshooting guide or send us an email at support@workonit.com