WorkOnIT for Computers

NEW - You can now run the WorkOnIT App on your computer using Google Chrome. The great thing is this works on PC, MAC and Linux machines so you can use WorkOnIT everywhere.

Send these instructions to your email(sorry does not work for Android): WorkOnIT for Computers

Note: At this time this is not available for Windows Phone Users (coming soon) - only for iOS and Android users and iOS users will see the Android WorkOnIT interface, which is a little bit different.

Here are the steps - which are the same for every computer, pc or mac:

There are two different programs you can use to run WorkOnIT on your computer. If you experience trouble with one, please try the other. At this time (as of January 1, 2016) both of these have been tested and are working. It is your choice which one you prefer to use, Bluestacks is perhaps a little faster and easier.

First Method: Bluestacks

  1. Install the Bluestaks app player:
  2. On Home screen, click on the search icon on the top left corner
  3. Type in "WorkOnIT" into the search bar and hit enter
  4. You should see the WorkOnIT app come up
  5. Click the app and then the install button
  6. In a few minutes it is ready to use - login and start using

Second Method: Arc Welder

  1. Download and Install Google Chrome
If you have already Google Chrome installed you should make sure you are updated to the latest version and have "relaunched" Google Chrome from the settings menu.
  1. Download and Install Google Arc Welder from the Google Chrome Store:
  2. Open Arc Welder from the App Launcher icon now in your task bar which looks like this: better_chrome_app_launcher_icon_by_charlielunn-d6h0u0v.png
  3. When you open it for the first time it will ask you to choose a place to save your apps - just pick any folder or create a new one, it is up to you.
  4. Then You will be asked to add an APK. The WorkOnIT APK can be downloaded from here (right click and choose "Save as" - don't just click as it will not download):
  5. When Launching the app you should select Portrait as the Orientation and Phone as the Form Factor.
  6. Finally pick "Launch App" and WorkOnIT will start. Login with your user name and password and you can now use WorkOnIT on your desktop.
  7. The only limitation is that you will not get push notifications as this is a mobile phone only feature. You will get reminders on your goals and actions (all actions have a default reminder at 12 noon on the day they are due).

We hope you enjoy using WorkOnIT on your desktop.

Any problems or questions please send them to:

Last modified on 2 January 2016, at 14:39